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Developed in-house, the Illustrate Video Platform (IVP) is an innovative, scalable video platform that makes it possible to create HD videos that stream at less than 2MB per minute. This ability to stream high quality videos without consuming too much data make our videos ideal for smart-phones and tablets. We leverage the illustrate video platform in our mobile apps. illustrate - The Video Dictionary is our first product and is available on all major mobile platforms. The app makes use of animated videos and actual conversations to explain the meaning, context and usage of words. With our first product, illustrate - Video Dictionary, we have an ever increasing user base in the global market. IVP is used to create a suite of products and those products will hit the market soon.

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“Illustrate: A fancy Video Dictionary iPad App”

“Illustrate: A fancy Video Dictionary iPad App”

Crossing another milestone, illustrate - the video dictionary has been featured in the Foundations N...
Proud to be a Tech30 company in the YourStory TechSparks of 2014

Proud to be a Tech30 company in the YourStory TechSparks of 2014

A big shout out to all you followers out there. We've been selected as one among the Tech30 companie...
A Great Resource for both Educators and Learners

A Great Resource for both Educators and Learners

Learning any language is like building a big house. Vocabulary is the bricks of the house called Lan...



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This is an awesome one. I am using it everyday. I see the difference in progress in using the typical method against this app. It's the firs...
It was really good using the illustrate app.
Fantabulous! It's a must have app and the best app for those who want to improve vocabulary. Visual aid does everything when it comes to rem...
Nice app. Commendable to everyone who likes to improve on their vocabulary.
Smart application! Easy to use and quick to access. The video illustrations are precise and clear.
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